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If liquid water indeed exists under the south polar ice cap of Mars, it has to be due to volcanic activity , a new study suggests. The researchers behind the new work argued that there needs to be an underground source of heat to melt ice under an ice cap — although they didn't weigh in on whether that liquid water or the volcanic heat, for that matter actually exists on Mars.

The new study follows up a controversial finding published in the journal Science last July, in which a European Space Agency orbiter, Mars Express, spotted signs of what could be a slurry or a liquid-water lake under the polar ice. At the time, the idea was that a high concentration of salt could keep the water from freezing despite Mars' chilly temperatures.

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What's strange about that finding is that NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter didn't see any sign of a lake, even though that craft's ground-penetrating radar vision should theoretically be able to spot such a feature. If the water is indeed there, the new study said, a magma chamber must have formed sometime in the past few hundred thousand years under the Martian surface in order to melt the water; salt wouldn't do the trick. The scientists also pointed out that if the water does not exist, the magmatic activity would also be absent. If volcanic activity is happening on Mars, scientists say it's a strong sign that Mars is active — and a good omen for finding life on the Red Planet, as well.

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A new NASA mission called InSight is examining the possibility of current volcanic activity on the Red Planet, but the instrument only just deployed its seismometer shield and results will be months or years in coming. Life would require a source of water, a source of energy and some sort of protection from the radiation bathing Mars. This could provide a more favorable environment for liquid water and thus, perhaps, life.

Devastated by a broken engagement, Stella Jackson leaves her old life behind for a new start in rural Scotland. But when she arrives in the remote coastal village of Arisaig, nothing is what she expected.

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At the edge of Arisaig sits Munro House; grand, imposing and said to be cursed by a string of tragic deaths. No less intriguing is its eccentric and handsome young owner, Jamie Munro, who hires Stella as his assistant while he pursues a seemingly impossible aim.

Peering inside the stone coffin will have to wait until next year. The 2,year-old royal tomb of a Nubian pharaoh appears nearly untouched—and submerged in rising groundwater. Read Caption.

Meteoroid Strikes Reveal Water Beneath the Lunar Surface

By Kristin Romey. Mediterranean Sea. Nile River Delta. Pyramids at Giza — B.

Meteoroid Strikes Reveal Water Beneath the Lunar Surface

Extent of the Kushite empire — B. Karnak Thebes B. Abu Simbel — B. Lake Nasser.

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Nubian Desert. Kushite heartland.

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Area Enlarged Below. Nuri Royal Cemetery — B. Merowe Dam. Nuri Royal Cemetery. Kuraymah Karima. Jabal Barkal Gebel Barkal. First chamber.

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Second chamber. Third chamber. Fallen rock. Current groundwater level. admin