REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Week #13 of the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan [Edition 3.0]

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Read along to see what else the month brought to shore. Facebook recently paused all app reviews and new chatbot development on the platform to review its privacy and data policies. Facebook announced that group video calling will be rolling out to Instagram and WhatsApp in a future update. Video chat will be available within Instagram Direct and will allow both one-on-one and group conversations on the platform. On WhatsApp, group calling will simply be added to the already-popular voice and video calling features in the app.

In the same announcement, Facebook also promised that stickers will also be coming soon to WhatsApp. Facebook announced plans to build Clear History, an upcoming feature that will enable users to see and delete the data Facebook collected from websites and apps that use its ads and analytics tools. Clear History is currently in development and will roll out in the coming months. According to Instagram, the new Explore will be rolling out over the coming weeks. Facebook is building a new feature for dating and relationships within the Facebook app. Facebook announced that select third-party apps can now enable the ability to share screenshots of their apps to Instagram and Facebook Stories with just a tap of a button within the app.

More apps will be added soon. LinkedIn announced three new enhancements to lead gen forms for sponsored content and InMail campaigns that are designed to continue driving ROI for lead gen marketers. These tools include bid auto-optimization, which allows marketers to use automatic optimization in Campaign Manager to get more leads for a better price, an expansion to include desktop delivery for lead gen forms, and the ability to send lead data directly to two new partners, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics Facebook announced a new service for domain owners that will monitor new domains that are maliciously created to implement phishing attacks.

These alerts allow website owners and admins to take action to protect their domain and the people who use their websites. Domain monitoring service and subscription management can be enabled for free on the Facebook for Developers site. In addition, Facebook is launching a new Groups plugin that admins and developers can add to their websites and emails to solicit people to join their Facebook group.

Facebook released a new Facebook Analytics mobile app, where admins can review their most important metrics on the go in a streamlined interface.

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The new app keeps personalized overview tabs, features dashboards with reports saved via desktop, allows users to receive notifications about significant changes, and more. The app is available for both iOS and Android. Last week, Facebook introduced upcoming video retention breakdowns and insights that will be available to all pages in their Video Insights. Instagram added new call-to-action buttons and a better way to organize Instagram direct messages.

Important new customer messages sent to a business account can now be found in its main Direct inbox, instead of a pending folder. Users can also star and filter messages. In the coming weeks, Instagram will begin testing quick replies that will allow admins to easily respond to common questions. Snapchat redesign will put Snaps and chats back in chronological order, and move Stories from your friends back over to the right-hand side of the app.

This is in variance to the initially launched new layout, which put all content — Stories, snaps and messages — from connections over to the left side, with publisher and influencer content on the right. Users were not happy with that design — more than 1. This rollout appears to be limited to the U. A recent iOS update to WhatsApp includes a new feature that allows Facebook and Instagram videos to play within the app.

WhatsApp users will now be able to watch Facebook and Instagram videos sent to them by their contacts without having to exit the conversation thread and go into other apps. After you select a template, you can edit the font, color scheme, image, and more. Easil also has a nice font selection and a stock art service called Easil Stock, which is frequently updated with fresh images. After you create an account with Easil, you can begin creating images, which are saved in your account. These paid versions allow you to store branding elements and fonts, access additional templates, and more.

Facetune 2 is an iOS or Android app that touches up your selfies by whitening your teeth, making your eye color pop, and removing blemishes. Facetune 2 is free but many tools require in-app purchases. This free app can change landscape or square videos to a ratio for IGTV. To illustrate, the app can resize a square video you shot for Instagram so you can repurpose the video for an IGTV story.

If you accidentally shot a video in the wrong size, the app can fix it. To resize videos into new formats, the app fills blank space in the resized video with a blurred gradient made of colors from the video. These gradients enable the app to resize the video without cropping it.

Otter Voice Notes helps you take voice notes, generate transcripts, and repurpose content. You could even repurpose audio and video transcripts into other useful social media content or create transcripts of podcast episodes. Otter Voice Notes lets you transcribe up to minutes per month for free. Videoshop is a free stand-alone video recorder and editor for iOS or Android. The app can record in all of the basic video sizes: landscape , vertical , or square The formats available depend on your smartphone camera.

For instance, if your phone has the capability, you can record in HD with 30 fps frames per second , HD with 60 fps, or up to 4K with 30 or 60 fps.

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The app offers an easy way to create stop-motion video. When you press and hold the Record button, you record one piece of a stop-motion video. The app can also record in slow motion. The video editor is accessible via the same app and can add sound effects, subtitles, voiceovers, filters, and transitions. You find common features to trim, split, and join clips. Some filters and effects are in-app purchases. If you use any combination of these devices, you can sync your work.

To visualize this, notes you write on mobile will appear on your desktop version, too. Crop Video turns landscape video into perfectly cropped vertical or square video. After you upload landscape video to this browser-based video editor, Crop Video uses face- and object-recognition to split the video into shots. Although you can adjust the cropping shot by shot to fine-tune the final video, the automated cropping works quite well and can thus be a huge timesaver. When you export from Crop Video, you can set in and out points and then export second clips of the cropped video.

With this feature, you avoid stories that cut off a video that exceeds the second limit. With the free version of Crop Video, you can export one shot without a watermark, and the size, length, and quality of your exported video are limited. After you install the free add-on, you see the Gfycat logo on the right of the email message window.

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Click the logo to open a search tool, and click a GIF in your search results to add it to your email reply which can also include text like a typical email. You install Gfycat like any Gmail add-on: click the gear-shaped Settings icon in the upper left and select Add-Ons from the menu that appears. Use the search tool to find Gfycat, and click its Install button to add it to your Gmail.

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When you need inspiration for your social media posts, the templates in PostMuse offer a helpful starting point. PostMuse is a free image-editing app for iOS or Android that includes tips and tricks, photo filters, fonts, and other tools, but the templates make this app stand out.

The templates often show different ways to use overlays, filters, and so on for a single stock image. To create something unique, you simply use your own image. Although PostMuse is focused on Instagram users and offers vertical templates for stories, you can use the app to create images for many social media platforms.

After you edit an image in the app, export it so you can post the images you create anywhere you like. Zest is a free content-curation tool and a great place to search for information about specific marketing topics. Since Facebook algorithms began limiting the content you see, websites like Zest have become important. Zest focuses on content about marketing and users can pick, submit, and upvote anything they like.

Your options for sorting content include category, most recent, the number of clicks received, the number of shares, video, and audio. After you create a Zest account, you can easily personalize the content you see. To curate your feed, check the tags that interest you and select a mode for viewing including tile like Pinterest , news only headlines , or explore a mix of both. MoviePro is an iOS video recording app with all of the typical recording features, but the tools and features for vloggers are outstanding. Before you start recording, MoviePro lets you select a resolution p, p, or 4K. To monitor the audio, you can wear Bluetooth headphones like AirPods.

Both apps are available in the App Store. SparkScore helps you analyze Twitter engagement and measure your influence by looking at followers, retweets, likes, and lists. Rand Fishkin of Moz developed SparkScore with the goal of being transparent about how the tool analyzes your Twitter account and reports the metrics it examines.

This approach is unlike tools such as Klout. SparkScore lets you check up to 25 accounts per day. To get started, you simply have to connect it to your Twitter account.

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Vimeo Stock Video offers high-end stock video that can help your videos stand out compared to the stock most people use. The library is a wonderful resource for B-roll footage which typically plays during a voiceover or transition and includes aerial and establishing shots, as well as motion graphics and travel-related footage. The video is royalty-free and 4K footage is available if you need it. If you already have a Vimeo membership for reviewing and hosting video, the workflow when you use its stock video services is seamless.

You can avoid the extra work of downloading and uploading footage from other stock video sources. The stock you need is simply there. When you need to remove an image background, Clipping Magic can help. This browser-based tool can be especially useful for marketers who need product images for their social posts or different images for their website or Facebook Marketplace.

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Clipping Magic works as well as tools like Photoshop but is much easier and quicker to use. To remove a background, upload your image and mark the object you want to keep or remove with a green marking tool. The tool figures out what to keep and makes the background transparent. To find demos of different ways to use Clipping Magic, check out the website. For example, you can adjust colors, add a drop shadow, and crop the photo.

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If you edit fewer than 15 images in a month, you can accumulate up to 75 image credits with the Light plan. The app also lets you apply effects later by importing images and video from your phone. Architectural photos become geometric designs. Traffic scenes become maze-like. To manage Instagram direct messages with IG:dm, you need to download and install the software on your desktop computer and then use it to log into Instagram.

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Your direct messages appear on the side, and you can do all of the same messaging tasks available on your phone, including typing text or sharing a GIF, image, or video. IG:dm is a one-feature app: it handles only direct messages. Kapwing Instagram story templates is a web-based tool for creating professional Instagram stories. The templates help you maintain a consistent, polished style. admin