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There are the lights, the traditions, music, Christmas trees, angels, and the manger. As with anything in life every person sees Christmas through their own lens. This has probably been a fact since that very first Christmas in Bethlehem many years ago.

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What people do with Jesus born in that manger seems to still be a central point of Christmas. Christmas through the eyes of a young couple just starting out in life could find wrapping their minds around the idea of God being central to their lives in a powerful meaningful way, as overwhelming and a little fearful. Now add to that the discovery that your new family of two will soon be a family of three, the fact that the child is also going to be God in the flesh. I think for some of us we would be ready to give up, but not that couple whom God knew could take on this magnificent task.

At Christmas time this kind of peace and assurance is the gift that God continues to give to those who will receive.

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Even after the birth of Christ we find where unaffected and even obstinate to whom Jesus was. Perhaps a time of good sales, parties, and even some much-deserved time off, but all the religious stuff can be put on a shelf.

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Now there are probably not too many that would want to admit that this is the perspective they have of Christmas, but as children well know, actions speak loader than words. How are your choices this season painting a picture of Christmas that others are viewing? I think one of the reasons Christmas is such a significant time for me is partly from my early childhood.

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Christmas entertainment was playing drums on top of the Quaker oatmeal container to the little drummer boy song, and the anticipated stocking stuffers were an apple, a new toothbrush, and socks. Your subscription will end shortly.

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How Hitler Lost The War- By Those Who Were There.

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This allowed an inferior force of three American aircraft carriers and the Midway defenders to sink four Japanese carriers in a day and turn back the invasion. Military historians often dissect battles, opposing forces, and strategies employed. However, battle is a human event experienced by individuals.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway, below are first person accounts of what transpired on those days in June Radioman 2nd Class Harry H.

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Ferrier of torpedo squadron VT-8 served as a radio operator and lower gunner on a Grumman Avenger. One of the few to return was Radioman Ferrier:. Quite suddenly, I was a scared, mature old man at I had never seen death before, and here in one awesome moment my friends and I were face-to-face with it. I lost all sense of time and direction but huddled by my gun hoping for a chance to shoot back.

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The torpedo bombers made no hits. Only four of 41 American carrier torpedo planes returned. Japanese fighters were concentrating on the torpedo bombers as American scout and dive bombers arrived overhead. Seconds later the flames were feet high. Rockets of flame, pieces of steel bolted upward to about three or four thousand feet high.

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