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The cabinet as a place of objects, as a place that is the objects it arranges and shows, is thus internalized as a mental space of imagination, of hyperbolic possibilities of representational assemblage. Balzac anticipates a literary development in which spatial settings, the vast, fantastic, endless space par excellence becomes an image of representation itself.

Its protagonist, don Anselmo, a weird and seemingly insane alchemist, a clear reference to the cabinet iconology, is overwhelmed and tortured by phantasy, by too many stories that are all implausible. In this sense, the image of a vast space filled with objects and eclectic architecture not only communicates subjective imagination, but may become the very image of literary representation itself.

Palgrave Communications. Balzac, , Vol. On Panorama as an in this sense comprehensive and direct form of representation that integrates the spectator in its dynamics, see furthermore Meisel, : On the development of the imagery of the cabinet in literature: esp.

On the importance of life-likeness and imitation, of interior, microcosm, miniatures and theatrum mundi which are vital aspects of the traditional cabinet in the more general, early development of protocinematographic devices of which the panorama would be one, see also: Altick, : esp. Here, too, there was a lack of boundaries between the spectator and the museum space and objects.

Balzac, c , Vol. In Balzac, this metaphor of invasive voyeurism fits with other secluded and yet transparent interiors that embody seeing and being seen, such as the already mentioned boudoir, that is essentially also a place of surveillance. The boudoir, like other Balzacian spaces in which one could supposedly hide from the gazes of others, is internally only loosely separated from other spaces. In La cousine Bette , for example, the porous boudoir is caught up in a dynamic flux of moving back and forth between spaces. Both in this novel and again in Ferragus , these spaces have become ambiguous look-outs or even voyeuristic gate-ways.

In Ferragus for example, the invisible opening in which Jules hides is hard to notice from the outside: Balzac, , Vol.

Nucléaire, la Bombe Humaine - Documentaire sur les risques des centrales atomiques (HD 1080p)

Balzac, b , Vol. Enfin, ni Maturin ni Hoffmann, On the basis of this and other passages, Nathalie Preiss suggests that it is no coincidence that both cabinets, the literary one and the real one, were actually in the same street: Preiss, b : The paper previously contained errors within the main text.

Altick R The Shows of London. Balzac Hde ed Le Colonel Chabert. Balzac Hde ed Pierette. Balzac Hde a The Black Sheep.

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Problèmes humains de l'aménagement du territoire

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    Correspondence to Dominique Bauer. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Article metrics. Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects History Literature. Abstract This article focuses on how Balzacian interiors and their dwellers signal a new experience and understanding of the past and the present that emerged during the Revolution and its aftermath. Balzacian interior spaces. A modern sense of historicity. Absence and hybrid dwellers.

    The past made present in ecstatic imagination. The antique shop in La Peau de chagrin In La Peau de chagrin , the desperate Raphael de Valentin, who is on his way to commit suicide after losing what remains of his savings in a gambling house, somewhat by accident ends up in a peculiar antique shop. Conclusion In Le cabinet des antiques, dealing with a social class that belonged to the past, the present in representation is revealed to be a fundamental absence.

    Data availability Data sharing is not applicable to this article. Notes 1. On time immemorial and the representation of culture with Mistral, see also: Bauer: forthcoming. La force des vieux usages est grande, on le sait, chez les hommes de la terre. Il garde souvent l'impression que sa propre peine est gratuite, moyennant quoi, d'ailleurs, le chef d'une exploitation rurale.

    Il ignore qu'il importe de distinguer budget familial et bilan de l'exploitation! Mais il en est de deux types : il y a d'abord les gens venus d'ailleurs. N'oublions pas que ce sont bien souvent les meilleurs qui s'en vont. Il y manque, rappelle H. Cest pourquoi le vide socio-culturel s'y fait plus cruellement sentir.

    Ainsi en va-t-il de Nice, Grenoble, Annecy Fig. Peut-on ajouter : toute la sagesse humaine non plus! Parier pour demain plus encore que pour aujourd'hui. Citon, entre autres, J.

    Michel Houellebecq

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