The Complete Guide to Group Discussion

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Learn to disagree politely.

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Think about your contribution before you speak. Try to stick to the discussion topic.

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Be aware of your body language when you are speaking. Agree with the point of your partner what you find interesting. Lose your temper.

The Complete Guide to Group Discussion

Use a moderate tone and medium pitch. Gestures like finger pointing and table thumping can appear aggressive. Confident speakers should allow quieter students a chance to contribute. Wait for a speaker to finish what they are saying before you speak.

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The ultimate guide for group discussion in the interview 0. The idea behind these topics is not confuse you or expect you to say something technical or logical about it but to test your communication and on the feet thinking. Specific topics can again be generally of two types — General Knowledge and Technical.

For GK topics you need to prepare from now!

You need to be aware of the basic political, economic and cultural trends that are taking place across the world. This is not something you can brush up in the last few days, so keep scrolling through headlines everyday. Technical topics rarely come up during GD but if they do you should only speak when you are confident of the answers. You will anyway prepare for you aptitude tests and technical interviews, so there is no need for special preparation for this. Group Discussions test your communication skills and you should put your best foot forward.

Conduct some mock GDs with your friends, practice in front of the mirror and if possible join a public speaking club. You can get more tips here and here on improving your spoken English skills. Make sure you make notes about the topics, this is because in the flow of the discussion you may forget some brilliant points you might have had at the start of the GD. There is a thin line between the both, assertiveness is putting your point across confidently without shouting or anger. You need to keep a calm attitude and ensure you get your point across. If the room is aggressive and people are only able to shout and talk, then you should call for peace and urge the other members to talk sensibly.

They will not ignore it because no one wants negative points for keeping a ruckus continuing! At no point should you get frustrated and start shouting, the one who starts the ruckus never gets anywhere. Let a few people talk ahead of you and then summarise or agree with what someone else says acknowledging them. This way you can speak in the GD and at least showcase your communication skills.

Tutorial participation: Voicing an opinion and arguing a point effectively

It will not help you if you are stubborn and do not listen to someone else views. This will not reflect on your decisiveness.

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  7. It is great if you can create chances for those you feel are not speaking at all. This will highlight your leadership skills. Always use names in addressing other team members. If you informally take up the role of the moderator then nothing like it! Make sure the group is sticking to the point, involve all members of the group and ensure everyone gets a fair chance.

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