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For those not familiar with the console-only original, Outbreak Prime was a pulse rifle which was only discovered after a convoluted ARG connected to the Wrath of the Machine raid had been solved. It was worth the effort, though, because the gun releases swarms of nanites on headshots. Who doesn't want that? As confirmed by the streamer Teawrex , who was one of the first to complete the quest Monman said they're pretty sure their team was actually world first , but we'll let the community sort that out amongst themselves , the new weapon is actually an updated take called Outbreak Perfected.

It's obviously based on its D1 predecessor but it appears that the anti-Fallen damage buff is out, which might actually make it more widely useful. The gun now ramps up in damage depending on how many nanites you can stick to your target.

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Since it was such a late game and the NES was running strong, this quest of a game unfortunately remained very secret to most video game fans. There are eight huge levels included in Secret Quest.

These eight levels are called space stations. The whole idea of the game is to blow up all eight of the space stations to successfully complete the game. But to do that, you first have to find your way through the long mazes and do several other things in order to survive. You get to control a weird looking dude who looks to be wearing a red helmet and that always points straight forward.

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At the beginning of the game, you should find the main weapon you'll be using throughout the game, a sword that sort of reminds me of the ones they used in the Star Wars movies. The main thing you have to do while playing is to destroy tons of enemies, which can range from chasing traps that open and close real fast, running creatures who are wearing a frog suit, and many others.

Secret Quest Worth At Least 500 raw gold, wow gold farming guide BFA 8.1.5.

You need to destroy as many enemies as you can, because when you do, most of them will give you one of two items that you really need. These two items are energy you get them from what look like fire extinguishers , and oxygen from some sort of electric devices.

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Sometimes when you enter a room, there will be some out in the open, but you'll mostly have to destroy enemies to get either one. But that's not all! Somewhere in each level, you will have to find and figure out a detonation code. This detonation code is represented by one, two, or more squares in a certain room.

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The symbols can be anything such as arrows, umbrella-looking ones, and many others. To change the symbols in this room, you just have to walk against the barrier at the edge of the room. In other words, it won't let you enter this room. When you finally discover the correct code, a certain number of seconds will start counting down on the right side of the screen. This represents the number of seconds you have left before that level explodes. To escape, you have to find the transporter room and enter the transporter a square that is lit up to beam yourself out of the level. When you do this, one of the eight squid-looking monsters on the screen will explode, letting you know that you've got through that level.

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