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Dell was somewhat atypical for the Kids in that he was relatively tall five-foot-ten , and managed to live past 65 he died in North Hollywood in , at He is the father of actor Gabriel Dell Jr. Brooklyn-born child actor he made his stage debut at seven , Bobby Jordan — who shuffled off this mortal coil at age 42 he died of cirrhosis of the liver in a VA hospital — was not the happiest Kids camper. After eight appearances in the Bowery Boys series, Jordan decamped in the late Forties because he felt he was playing second fiddle to Gorcey and Huntz Hall.

Once living high off the hog in Beverly Hills, he suffered a series of marital and financial reversals, declaring bankruptcy in , seven years before he died.

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Punsly always hankered to be a medical doctor. He joined the Army in the mid-Forties, and received medical training eventually leading to full blown MD studies at the Univ. He eventually set up a practice in Torrance, California, where he died at age 81 in Punsly once said that while he enjoyed his Kids appearances, he had little interest in watching his old films. Halop harbored delusions of grandeur. He left the Kids troupe in the Forties to try to carve out an acting career on his own.

On another night warehouses were blazing furiously on the docks. The kids disappeared en masse into the flames. On another occasion a group of kids rescued people from a damaged shelter and led them through the falling bombs, getting all to safety. Before the Blitz was over they came to the attention of the powers that be. Their public thanks was quietly but quickly shelved.

The little press coverage they had begun to receive dried up and then stopped completely. They returned home and carried on saving lives just for the fun of it.

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By Ian Parson on behalf of the Whitechapel Society. In when the evacuation of London was in full flow, nobody stopped to consider that the children being sent away would quickly pine for the big city they knew and loved.

Within weeks a handful returned to the capital. The handful quickly turned into a trickle that soon became a flood. Sign up for our newsletter Enter your email address below to get the latest news and exclusive content from The History Press delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up.

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Share this page. We recommend. Evacuee Boys Buy. Evacuees Buy. Actor Mr. Wise Guy. Leo Gorcey 's younger brother, David Gorcey is not usually thought of as one of the "original" Dead End Kids, but he did have a small role in the Broadway production of Sidney Kingsley 's "Dead End" - and he is the person responsible for getting his brother Leo a part in the play.

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Actor Great Expectations. A fairly well-known child actor who never made it to the ranks of a Jackie Cooper or Freddie Bartholomew , Jackie Searl nevertheless gained a film following in the s. A bratty counterpart to Jane Withers , the blond, freckled, clean-cut Jackie was born in Anaheim, California in and started Actor The Killing. William Benedict was active in the drama department of his Tulsa, Oklahoma, high school and, at the height of the Depression , decided to relocate to California.

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At first, he wanted to be a dancer, but when he discovered that dancers were a dime-a-dozen in Hollywood, he concentrated on acting Actor Superman. Through his mother, he was the nephew of actress Julie Leonard , screenwriter Jack Leonard , and by marriage director Norman Taurog. Jackie served with the Navy in Actor Rosemary's Baby. Although this pint-sized actor started out in films often in innocuous college-student roles in mids rah-rahs, playing alongside the likes of a pretty Gloria Stuart or a young, pre-"Oz" Judy Garland , casting directors would soon enough discover his flair for portraying intense neurotics or Actor Coogan's Bluff.

He was married to Nora Marlowe. Born in Los Angeles almost a year after the start of Great Depression. Bob whose nickname 'Bobs' was given to him by his father, and for legal and professional reasons he adopted professionally is from a family of 9 siblings; 6 boys and 3 girls. He made his first on-screen appearance as a Actor Network. Although younger brother Dwayne Hickman is probably the better-remembered sibling today with his still-huge cult following as TV's Dobie Gillis, Darryl Hickman was certainly the more popular actor and deemed more talented when they were children.

During his years at MGM in the wartime 40s, Darryl Actor I Cover Chinatown.

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Actor A Walk in the Sun. He died on February 22, in Los Angeles, California. Actor The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He was married to Susie Burch. He died on January 26, in Greensboro, Director The Last of the Secret Agents? He was a director and producer, known for The Last of the Secret Agents? He was married to Gayle Dominique and Grace Hartman.

He died on July 9, in Valencia, Santa Actor Thundering Trails. He began his career in as a guitarist and singer on radio, coming to Hollywood in to play Actor The Bad Sister. Actor Newsboys' Home.

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