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His parents got help from experts at the Yale Child Study Center. They guided the therapies intended to address his developmental deficits. Even in his autistic phase, he had more in common with typically developing children than with autistic ones.

Over time, Leo learned how to deal with frustrations without massive tantrums. He learned to look at the person talking to him, and he learned how to play with kids his age. He participated in a study by the University of Connecticut that estimated 10 percent of children correctly diagnosed as autistic could recover, if treated properly. These days, Leo has no clinical diagnosis of any kind.

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He has a circle of close friends and has the confidence to perform on stage. He began his stand-up comedy career at 13 and has performed in dozens of clubs throughout the Washington, DC area. If any family information has changed or needs updated please click the button above!

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As disciples of Christ, we are called to reach out, to serve others with our God-given gifts. We ask you to join us - help build our church, our community, our parish. Please pick a ministry, if you are not already in one, and share your gift of time. Choose a ministry that feeds your soul, and share with us your talent. We appreciate all of our current volunteers and look forward to continuing to build our church community through our various ministries.


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Please select ONE. Suggestions or comments about programs at St. The following actions are offered only as examples of some of the ways to be a good steward.

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